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From portuguese word "caseiro", which means homemade
The games here were made by myself  using Klik & Play and can be
downloaded for free. They run under Windows 95 or 3.1 
I did the games smaller as possible, so it's easy to download
High Voltage
UPcoming StUff
My complicated gift for Final Fantasy fans. Demo last updated  6/98
All the FunNyland stuff here. UFL Demo last updated  9/98
Contents: High Voltage versus and HV Adventure.
HVADV still beta
Upcoming games are:  SharKulla (demo) and TAMAgirl 
My first games. They are not so bad. Just a little more than the others

01/07/99 Finally I got a Kazero GuestBook. I'll be glad if you take a time to sign it :)
12/17/98 I know, it's a long time since the last update... but as you can see, I changed the frame bar and added a personal page. Get my 1999 wallpaper calendar :)
10/29/98 Puft is out. Sorry but this game sucks
10/10/98 I'm excluding the vitalize and Screensavers page. Vitalize because almost games don't work for most people and screen saver because my Gf 32bits don't allow me to do them. Someone  have Gf 16bits version?
10/07/98 Created  Aurora's individual page and finished the Funnyland one
10/02/98 I created a new logo and adapted the name because KZERO is trademark. If you have reviews or other in your page, if possible change the name. thanks

Ultimate FunNyland Tips
World Select  
In the plane screen you must choose a level to play. Button 1 you shot missiles and button 2 is to land. Press button 2 when you are over the isle you want. You can't destroy the Alien but each 20 missiles you win a extra life.
The Sea 
If the Alien hits you, you will fall. Maybe you fall in a isle, or maybe you fall in the water. In the sea you just have to find the exit plate before you stay out of air. Use the fishes as platforms.
Vomiting Potato 
Well, I finally discover a utility for this potato! Keep shooting and the potato will vomit items for you until its death. But will be hard to find it must times.
In the magic boxes or with the potato you can find 3 items. 
Chinese statues give you an extra life. Don't get the yellow face, or you die. 
The beet root kill the old beet root man. That is the only way to defeat him.
Special Attack 
Now you can use a special attack when needed. Keep pressed the fire button and hold the directional up. A power bar will appear and when it is complete you shoot in 3 random directions. Is very important to dominate this technique in certain situations and bosses.

     Do you want to create your own games? Klik & Play allow you to make complex and fast applications under windows, and you don´t need to be a programer to that.
I use my own draws, but if you don't like to, you can choose between over thousand of animated objects (also sounds and musics) or use your own scanned/composed stuff. Well, you asked for, here it is
 Cd-Rom price:
US$ 49,99
   Please don't mail-me anymore asking how to get it. Use the link to buy throught (recommended way). But be careful, using KnP is very cativating / exciting and will enslave you forever...
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